In addition to its own collection, the Galician Library guards collections formed for years, both by important figures of Galician culture and by public and private organizations committed to the conservation of the cultural background of Galicia.

With this exhibition, the Galician Library wants to value a determining element of the books that it keeps and that usually goes unnoticed. These are the bindings that protect these books and that in many cases can be considered artistic works in themselves.

Primors of the Multiple: bookbinding and collecting in the Library of Galicia proposes to the visitor an approximation to the binding technique, both from the point of view of who chose for their private collections certain creations with which they were considered identified, as from the editorial perspective that he chose certain binding styles as a way to identify his collections.

This exhibition delves into the material details that individualize a bound book and differentiates it unequivocally. For that, works were chosen both from the own collection of the Library of Galicia, and from the following funds that are currently in this library, either by donation, loan or acquisition formulas.


  • ABANCA Collection
  • Manuel Chamoso Lamas Collection
  • Isaac Díaz Pardo Collection
  • Camilo José Cela Foundation Collection

Without the works of all these private collections, the complexity of the art of bookbinding, the importance of collecting and the extraordinary value of joint creation between publisher and artist could not be shown, with an arch of five hundred years.

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