Galiciana-Galicia Digital Library wants to contribute to the commemoration of the Day of Galician Literature 2020, dedicated to Ricardo Carvalho Calero, with the creation of a new microsite that collects the work as a columnist of this author.

Ricardo Carballo Calero, or Ricardo Carvalho Calero was a philologist, writer, teacher of several generations and the first professor of Galician Linguistics and Literature at the University of Santiago. He is considered the great thinker of reintegrationism. All these activities, in addition to his contribution to the study of Galician literature, make Ricardo Carvalho Calero one of the most important figures in Galician culture in the 20th century.

To prepare the Ricardo Carvalho Calero microsite, a periodical emptying of the periodicals digitized in Galiciana-Digital Library of Galicia was carried out. The result of this emptying is a collection of 24 articles belonging to publications such as El Correo Gallego or La Noche.

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