The Group El Progreso and Consellería de Cultura e Turismo signed an agreement of collaboration to carry out the process of digitalisation of the newspaper El Progreso between the years 1941 and 1968. This agreement allowed to transform to digital format 51,860 printed pages of 8,689 numbers published in those years. The digital images resulting from this process are accessible to all citizens through Galiciana-Biblioteca Dixital de Galicia, a platform for consulting the digitized Galician bibliographic heritage managed by the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo.

The newspaper El Progreso, published daily since 1908, is one of the oldest in Galicia. Although it covers general information, it is currently the only one that devotes special attention to the news concerning the province of Lugo. From its beginnings the newspaper was configured as an independent publication in the service of the interests of Lugo and its province, a philosophy that it maintains until today.

The information contained in its pages is of great interest, not only for researchers or scholars, but for citizens in general, since they can be found from chronicles about the great political events that took place in those years, to simple news of parties, weddings or deaths that constitute the essence of the daily history of a town, in this case the town of Lugo.

The Consellería de Cultura e Turismo through Galiciana-Biblioteca Dixital, has as one of its main objectives the conservation and dissemination of the Galician hemerographic heritage. The Galician historical press is a primary source of information for studies and researchers linked to different areas of Galician culture. Carrying out a process of digitalization on the collection of the newspaper El Progreso will improve services for users in general, providing higher quality access to the resources of the Department in relation to education and continuing education.

Part of the El Progreso newspaper collection has already undergone a systematic digitalization process, promoted by the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, which resulted in access through the Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Histórica of digitized numbers published between 1 of September 1908 (Year-I Number 14) and December 31, 1940 (Year XXXIII-Number 13,892). With the new project, promoted by the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo in collaboration with the El Progreso Group, the digitalized chronological range is extended until 1968, so that citizens will also have access to international news that echoed the end of the II World War or the beginning of the Cold War, as to more local events, such as the inauguration of the industrial facilities of Frigsa in 1956, or follow the chronicles of Pelúdez and his family at the San Froilán festivities.

The El Progreso digitalization project includes an optical character recognition process. This process allows you to search in full text about the accessible images in Galicia, which greatly facilitates queries in the digital library. Simply enter a simple term that synthesizes the subject of interest of the user and the results shown are already only the digitized pages that contain that word. With the incorporation of El Progreso, Galiciana-Biblioteca Dixital gives access to 1,341,898 pages of Galician historical press published since 1808.

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